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Cactus Bloom

Materials needed for this project; sewing machine, pins, scissors, rotary cutter, rotary cutter mat, and threads to match. Batting 39" x 39".  Backing 1/14 yards.  Please have fabrics cut and marked before class, except the rectangles. They will be cut in class.  Please bring the rest of your fabric to class.  It will be needed for the rectangles.

White solid 3/4 yard.  (12) 4" squares  (C)
Pink Dot 1/2 yard.  (4) 4" squares  (C)
Green Dot  3/8 yard  
Purple Dot 3/4 yard includes binding.  (4) stripes 2 1/2' x  width of fabric. (1) square 7 1/2" (B).  (12) squares 4" (C).

Cactus Bloom

$ 30.00